Tradespeople depend on their devices for precision, for resilience, for craftsmanship, for convenience, as well as for safety and security. This consists of the electricians (ilektrologoi) who keep our houses illuminated, attached, and also energy reliable.

Listed below, we have a look at different sorts of electric devices you can find on the modern electrical contractor’s belt.You might want to think of obtaining a few of them for around your house for small repair services. Be very careful if you do anything with the power.

Tape Measure

An usual device that is used to determine the correct lengths and also elevations for switches as well as outlets. This is additionally necessary for obtaining illumination components in the ideal setting.


This is used to examine voltages, to see if your electrical wiring is in good condition as well as to examine if your power factors are damaged and not your appliance– something you might want to examine before asking for electrical solutions.


Every electricians has one.

Network Lock Pliers

Many electricians have this kind of pliers and also they have a variety of uses, generally for grasping onto a range of various sized items.

Wire Strippers

One more item you might desire around the residence, and they make light work of removing the plastic covering without cutting the vital cable on the inside.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector

This is made use of for a fast safety check to see if there is current flow. A few of the products are automated and also others need to be turned on. If it is put near a cable you will certainly understand if it is energised.

Side Trimming Angled Pliers

These reducing pliers are additionally called reducing snips and developed with a reducing edge that decreases to the edge of the pliers. Great for entering into limited areas. Some of these also have live cord discovery capacities– really helpful certainly.

Linesman Pliers

These are the do-it-all pliers that any type of great electric solutions specialist will have. They are great for might usages and designed especially for working with cables and also cords.

Torpedo Degree

No degree and nothing is going to be level. This is an absolute must. You can not constantly think due to the fact that your walls as well as various other points that you are referencing from might not be level themselves.

Flash Light

This is a must, thinking about that an electrician is mosting likely to have to work in tight places, in ceilings and in the hollows of walls. If you can not see you can be putting yourself in real threat.

Allen Wrench Set

Allen bolts are typically used in electric panels (there are a selection of these as well as even specialist ones for specialist screws and also bolts you will certainly find on home appliances).


These resemble pliers, but are made use of to press a steel ring on a cable. Exceptionally vital for tidying untidy ends and also keeping your electrical cords under control.

Rubber Soled Shoes

These may actually conserve your life.

It is truly hazardous to do anything electric on your own, as well as much more unsafe if you do electric work without the abilities and also tools. Also simply adding new lighting to your house can be a very unsafe business. You require to hesitate.

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