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Avant Art Festival 2019 Wroclaw • Digital Nomad

Avant Art Festival 2019 Wroclaw • Digital Nomad

The life of a digital nomad brings us to some remarkable places and random experiences, and the latest was the opportunity to cover the 2019 Avant Art Festival in Wroclaw. While we’re slowly dusting off GASHE to bring it back to the masses, this article shares a fond glimpse at the surprisingly impressive week in Wroclaw, with deeper details to come.

Wroclaw is a vibrant, youthful city in the south west of Poland, also known as Breslau, while previously under German occupation. We’ve long been much impressed with its music culture and the quality of events that seem to pass through Wroclaw, with this our first opportunity to spend more time here (check back soon for coming digital nomad feature).

Introduction to Avant Art Festival

Outside Impart in Wroclaw AAF 2019

Avant Art was founded in Wroclaw in 2008, both as an annual festival series, and an ongoing foundation for the arts, primarily music. The early years focused on a particular theme, such as collaboration with foreign artists for editions, including Hungarian (2009), Norwegian (2010), Swiss (2011), German (2012), and Russian (2013). There has consistently been a heavy international presence alongside Polish artists and musicians, and the foundation strives to become “a living artistic organism”.

In this 2019 edition, the opening week in Wroclaw was followed by a slightly altered week in Warsaw, and a one-off gig in Berlin featuring a few of the weekend’s artists.

Gravetemple at AAF Wroclaw 2019
Gravetemple and Stephen O’Malley opening Avant Art Festival 2019 in Wroclaw on Monday night at Impart

Japanese Artists on Wednesday at Impart

There is a long tradition of Japanese participation at Avant Art Festival, dating back to the first edition in 2008. On the Wednesday evening at Impart, guests were treated to three performances in the small hall. The first, illustrator and sound designer Kouhei Matsunaga, donning 3D glasses took the stage, where he sat in front of a laptop, soon generating sounds of birds and nature. Occasionally bass rocked through the hall, with low frequencies balanced out by the higher ones of chirps and background sounds. Particularly impressive was the simulation of water drops, that seemed to fall from the top of the speaker downwards towards the bass-flooded stage.

Veteran Aki Onda took the stage next, in front of a small table filled with various electronic equipment, a champagne glass, and numerous cassette tapes and players. He began with a demonstration of sound dynamics, holding a small speaker and rotating it from left to right, creating unique depth in contrast to the larger, traditional speakers. He mixed expertly between cassette decks and effects units, creating almost an organic synthesizer sound, with layers of reverberating textures of anything from band recordings to Tokyo street sounds and conversations. From the glass he poured water into a microphone tray or plate, creating a bang and sizzling akin to an electric shock. The highlight came with his hand held bells, that he occasionally dropped on floor cymbals that were drenched in reverb, creating lush loops of bells and crashes floating into the distance. To conclude came a final display of sound dynamics, playing a cassette deck through a small cube monitor, complemented by bells, and faded out as the spotlight dimmed.

Rounding out the evening was three piece Japanese band Kukangendei, who largely play polyrhythms – the concept of different instruments and percussion each at independent time signatures. The madness, with their bursts of heavy guitar, bass and snare, despite its chaos, works proficiently, and occasionally comes together most delightfully. The drums, bass and guitar were joined by Polish guitarist Hubert Kostkiewicz for the final track.

Aki Onda at AAF 2019 Wroclaw
Aki Onda at AAF Wroclaw 2019 – photo courtesy of Lukasz Gawronski

Dalek and Zonal at Impart on Thursday

Dalek at AAF 2019 Wroclaw 2
Dalek at AAF 2019 Wroclaw

Returning to Impart on the Thursday, the action moved from the small hall to the main theatre, with a huge stage, balanced acoustics, and tiered seating. First up was American hip hop duo dälek – “rap for adults” – who used a pair of mixers, various pedal boards and effects to generate crushing industrial beats, underneath reverb and echo drenched vocals.

Britain’s Zonal, a two piece electronic act, cultivated layers of loops from what appeared to be modular synthesizers, mixers and a laptop. In their red and black symmetry, cutting through the fog, they dropped broken instrumental hip hop beats and glitchy sounds.

Zonal at AAF 2019 Wroclaw
Zonal performing at Avant Art Festival 2019 in Wroclaw

Friday night in the Church at Stary Klasztor

The most exciting night was Friday, when Avant Art took over an old church, Stary Klasztor, and erected a big stage and sizable sound system, that bellowed bass through its chambers. After the challenge of finding the place, I was particularly enamored by the church setting, bringing back memories of the first underground rave I ever attended in the late 1990s, at a church outside of Toronto, Canada.

Headlining the night was Aisha Devi and her Danse Noir crew – we discovered Aisha Devi last year covering Up To Date Festival in Bialystok, and have been fans since. After the Danse Noir DJs came the Greek goddess, Abyss X, who charmed the crowd with her seductive posturing and dancing, climbing the table, holding shiny jewellery into the sky, while a central laser cut from the back and reflected off her ring. Her underlying beats set the foundation for her evocative and provocative singing and chanting.

Aisha Devi at AAF 2019 Wroclaw
Aisha Devi at Avant Art Festival 2019 in Wroclaw

Aisha Devi took the stage next, with a diagonally-aligned table holding gear that included a mixer, laptop and effects. Her dark, churning beats and bass cut through the church while she wailed away with penetrating vocals for her signature sound. Energetic and positive, Aisha thanked the packed crowd, humble and grateful, despite one mentally ill guest doing his best to ruin the performance from the second row.

Concluding the proceedings, Finland’s Amnesia Scanner took the stage, to wild cheers from devoted followers. Smoky and foggy, the trippy set played through dark pounding and glitchy beats, occasionally dropping into funk. I’m not sure what was in the fog, but it assuredly led to amnesia of my own.

Amnesia Scanner at AAF 2019

Saturday night at Firlej

After recovering from Friday, Saturday moved to the south of Wroclaw, at the arts hall of Firlej. While a smaller stage and venue, the packed, devoted crowd lent for a big and noisy night.

It began with a pair of simple sets from Polish DJs, first MŁYN, then Morgiana. This set the scene for Britain’s ShyGirl, who was clearly not shy, taunting the crowd with slow lyrics, raps and singing, while a lazy DJ stylishly pressed buttons and checked his phone. There were dubstep, garage and grime styles reflective of their UK roots, and the boisterous crowd impressed the artists, who had huge smiles of surprise and wonder.

Coucou Chloe at AAF 2019 Wroclaw

Coucou Chloe entered the stage with a bottle of champagne she guzzled over the course of her set. A simple laptop and CDJ set up allowed for performances of her original productions, with songs and raps over top. There was some dubstep and faster tracks, and she was certainly appreciative of the full house.

Curl was the energetic highlight of the evening, a three piece British band, whose sounds ranged from grunge, to hip hop, to noise and blasts of grime. The trio swapped between instruments, that included a drum kit, a table of synths and drum pads, a guitar, bass, and microphones. Layers of noise, drone, distortion and feedback came together for snappy renditions of songs, between improvised jams, not unlike the vibe of Sonic Youth.

Avant Art Festival 2019 Wroclaw • Digital Nomad
Curl performing at Avant Art Festival 2019 in Wroclaw

Chilled Sunday Comedown at Impart

Fittingly, the festival’s week wrapped up back at Impart, with a smaller crowd and much softer music, though not necessarily easy listening. Polish classical musical duo Teoniki Rożynek & Qba Janicki opened proceedings with mind food. Janicki, a seasoned jazz drummer, rolled a plethora of common and unusual percussive sounds across his snare drum, tapping out rhythms. Rożynek began with the post-attack sustain of her violin, while mixing layers of her synth and other keyboard sounds.

Teoniki Rożynek & Qba Janicki at AAF 2019 Wroclaw

American guitarist Bill Orcutt holds a vast musical resume, but at Avant Art Festival 2019 he performed simply, with a single guitar through a Fender amp, no pedals, vocals or effects. His clean guitar sound generated mesmerising rhythms that were easy to become lost in thought, while chord progressions changed from the use of a capo, and fast rolls and hammers into full chords.

Concluding the evening, and the weeklong festival, was Japanese space rockers Minami Deustch, reminiscent of legendary band Can. For this performance we moved back into the main theatre room. The four piece act featured a female drummer holding things together, two guitarists mirroring on the wings, each with a seldom-used microphone, and a bassist in the centre. Their mostly instrumental set took advantage of the roomy, boomy confines of the theatre for a stellar, powerful performance.

Weekend in Warsaw ahead

Avant Art Festival 2019 wraps up this weekend in Warsaw, with Aisha Devi, Abyss X, Amnesia Scanner, Coucou Chloe and the Danse Noir DJs rocking an old factory site on Friday night. Saturday moves to Klub999 for a completely original presentation, featuring Olivia (PL), Curl, Bob Vylan, Hungary’s Fausto Mercier, and a selection of Polish electronic artists. Sunday returns the chill theme, with a trio of American acts, Mick Barr and Aaron Turner, concluding with Bill Orcutt. Limited tickets remain available.

Positive Feelings for Avant Art Festival 2019

Being void of expectations is a solid approach to life in general, removing chance of disappointment, but subsequently leaves room to be impressed. Avant Art Festival was one of these instances, a hidden gem with a storied history, a well-curated roster of original and truly creative artists, and a laid back yet well-executed approach that hints at a respect for its underground roots. It’s a winner, and while you might not discover this in time for 2019, it’s well worth marking on your calendar for 2020.

Avant Art Festival rejuvenates the concept that music proves a vibrant and diverse art form, and inspires artists to challenge themselves to new levels of artistry, beyond the mainstream and conventional approaches to 4/4 beat design and performance. While this article has been a brief introduction to the world of Avant Art, in time we’ll explore more in depth through GASHE, and perhaps raise our creative games to participate ourselves one day.

More information:

Some photos courtesy of Avant Art Festival 2019 / Lukasz Gawronski – thank you!

Video snippets from Avant Art Festival, courtesy of Glakon ov Zorf

Day 3 –

Day 4 –

Day 5 –

Day 6 –

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Top Packing Essentials for a Freelancer's Holiday • Digital Nomad

Top Packing Essentials for a Freelancer’s Holiday • Digital Nomad

Opposite to well-liked belief, freelancers are recognised to be workaholics — frequently out of requirement. After all, Forbes points out that freelancers really don’t get paid times off for relaxation and leisure, so holidays technically translate to no operate, no shell out. But that does not mean you should not attempt to recharge and unwind when you require to, as we all will need a crack in some cases. All which is necessary is some thorough arranging and a bit of saving to fund that vacation. To keep pressure-totally free and make certain your planning is going appropriate, you might want to brush up on your packing understanding. By executing so, you are going to be ready to pack every little thing you’ll ever have to have for your best holiday getaway. The pursuing packing essentials will assistance:

Travel packing cubes

Packing cubes

The critical to successful packing is organisation, so that all your issues will healthy in your bag, and be effortlessly available. 1 way you can do that is by employing packing cubes. Daydreaming in Paradise explains that packing cubes not only assistance you organise, but preserve on house way too, as you area your issues in selected spots a great deal like a Tetris game. You can, for occasion, position toiletries in one particular cube, your chargers in another dice, and some apparel in various other cubes. Aside from this, working with packing cubes also allows you visualise how substantially area you have left, so you can squeeze in all the issues you have to have where doable.

Toiletry kit

Republic World recommends that you make a record of important factors you use on a every day basis, like your facial wash, night time product, and lotion, for instance. These day by day use necessities are usually packed in what is regarded as a toiletry package, whose contents also consist of all your toiletries, or the particular cleanliness goods you normally use. This container should be large enough to carry all the matters you consistently use for excellent grooming, but not far too major that it will take up too significantly place in your bag. It need to also be made of content that tends to make cleaning liquid easy, as shampoo, facial clean, and lotion can spill during travel.

Packing cats in backpacks

Just ample clothes

In our ‘Packing Gentle for a Month in India’ post, DigitalNomad editor/creator Sea Ansley narrated how he packed much less clothes for his thirty day period-lengthy small business-furthermore-leisure journey to India. He even statements that if you have enough clothing for 7–10 days, you’ll be excellent to go for an even extended excursion. Now, which is solely possible. But obtaining said that, it would be far better to err on the facet of warning right here. Which means, pack sufficient clothing which you think will last you the overall excursion. Account for feasible delays, too, as very well as the risk of extending your holiday for a day or two.

Travel first aid kit
Overall health package

Wellbeing really should be of key problem even when you are on a holiday break. That signifies you must not forget about to pack a overall health or first aid package. The publish ‘How to Pack a First Assist Kit for Prolonged International Travel’ advises that you pack your prescription medicines initial, and that you make confident they’ll past the whole time you are away. In packing this kit, take into consideration how inconvenient it would be to be seeking for a pharmacy just as you want to get some R&R. As these, make certain you bring together primary medicines to address bum stomachs, headaches, fever, allergies, and cold. It is also suggested that you pack insect repellents and topical lotions.

For other major packing essentials for freelancers, maintain checking out DigitalNomad.Web site. Thank you to Jane Wexler for her contribution.

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Plan Sea The Book: Update • Digital Nomad

Plan Sea The Book: Update • Digital Nomad

Program Sea, the ebook that retains staying penned, started more than two several years back, but the conclude is now in sight.

The greatest profit is for the reader, in that Strategy Sea has organically transformed over and above a in-depth compilation of funds vacation and working on the road suggestions. The story quickly narrated throughout serious-daily life experiences, together with prolonged periods in Korea, Berlin and Poland, four visits to India and a flavor of 20 four countries.

Just as it feels to be wrapping up, a new twist in life arises, even further compounding the morals and philosophies of daily life, like and joy, and the looming upcoming of civilisation. The reserve explores the roots of wrestle and anger, homelessness vs. traveler, and the want to act on collective consciousness.

When the specific ending is nonetheless mysterious, as something can happen prior to the finish of the yr, crafting has practically concluded, and modifying underway. Is there just one extra key experience to share?

Plan Sea The E-book – Coming February 2020

All signs place to the formal start of Approach Sea on leap year, Saturday February 29th, 2020, marking 20 4 a long time since the publishing of Ansley’s initially guide, Onward Muttford, about a utopian metropolis-culture of puppies and other animals.

Fittingly, the e-book appears to be launched in Goa, almost certainly Arambol, the bohemian beach site of substantially magic in the story.

This is It, Arambol
This is It, Arambol – A each day composing place for Program Sea

Program Sea The Tour

Prepare Sea will be introduced in north Goa on Saturday February 29, followed by an India tour by way of March and April, which includes predicted stops in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pondicherry, and Auroville.

Main European capitals will be visited in Could and June for the Strategy Sea tour, although New Delhi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and somewhere else in South East Asia are on faucet for July and August.

Sponsors presently including Nomadic Cloud (net internet hosting for digital nomads), BlogHost.In, DigitalNomad.Web site and Mom.Domains.

If you’re fascinated in taking part as a opportunity sponsor, location or media, remember to get hold of us on press at gashe dot com or as a result of the System Sea reserve website.

Inside the Elbphilharmonie
System Sea was initially meant to stop right here! More than a year ago

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Sun Moon Sea - Arising and Passing (Peace Orchestra) • Digital Nomad

Sun Moon Sea – Arising and Passing (Peace Orchestra) • Digital Nomad

Arising and Passing – is the to start with musical release of the longterm peace orchestra project, Solar Moon Sea. Devised for the duration of Vipassana meditation in March 2018, the origins of this track were being born while staying at Sandino Globe Advancement Network in Berlin around the summer of 2018.

Arising and Passing was combined and concluded throughout countrywide Indian lockdown in Goa, creating the most out of available time.

This tune is a exercise manufacturing by Animism, an upstart new act that is meant for a live touring band and more simple solo/DJ act. Other latest tracks by Animism incorporate Magical (Preview) that was unveiled on 02.02.2020.

Sunshine Moon Sea will begin recruiting orchestral musicians for one off peace/gain concert events from 2021, and will inevitably perform dwell cinematic soundtracks with touring movies, these types of as The Dogs Stay On (2030). Supposed will cause consist of unity in South Africa, cooperation in Gaza, indigenous difficulties in Australia and North The united states and bridging lifestyle between Europe and Asia.

For far more info on Sunshine Moon Sea, test out the web page at

Much more releases are expected more than 2020.

Arising and Passing by Sunlight Moon Sea

“Everything in the complete universe, from atoms as a result of humans to stars, occurs and passes, endlessly arising and passing away. It is best to value the superior instances whilst we have them, and also do not worry the negative – these periods will also move. Continue on to consider in your route and live with function. Just about every instant counts.”

Sunshine Moon Sea – Arising and Passing

Resource website link

Procrastination During Life on the Road • Digital Nomad

Procrastination During Life on the Road • Digital Nomad

It took quite a few many years to figure out that it is most effective to place primary focus into just one major job or process at a time. Even immediately after removing most of my initiatives and tasks, I even now have way much too quite a few initiatives, but it’s trending in the right path.

For starters, when I lock into something it is the key aim, undisturbed by fleeting strategies, social media, sports activities or news. The coming foreseeable future of existence appears to be to passionately immerse in a handful of intriguing points. “Do what we love” is definitely great information, even if it will take numerous many years to established items up that way.

Presently in Goa, 7 days 4 of a three thirty day period function-travel stay from India, my seventh go to. I have been moderately successful, as much as one particular can be uncharacteristically unable to wake before 9 o’clock, and truncated but motivated function times, perspective of sand and ocean, not wanting for far more at all.

I’ve accomplished a large amount – My new reserve is near to kicking off its weekly Series, and I introduced my initial formal new music observe as a result of my label onto the significant streaming expert services.

So why is this article about procrastination? Mainly because I’m continually placing off updating this site. It is one particular of the numerous excess initiatives I maintain, and locating drive to unfold in between anything when placing deep focus into couple of points is the challenge.

Even the most effective and motivated of every person can procrastinate on specified assignments or decisions. We put items off, we make excuses, often handy explanations.

I get sucked into the WordPress lure, too considerably admin time, configurations, Search engine optimisation tweaking, sharing, templates, visuals. I just want to compose. Just one day I will develop our personal small site, blog and shop builder, so straightforward and easy, significantly less nonsense. But I’m procrastinating.

For this reason, this pretty much entirely ineffective post. I could give a rats stuff about Yoast’s viewpoint of this textual content. This publish is about just executing it.

In some cases we need to have a little enhance, a minimal apply, set smaller time aside and we get back momentum all over again. I’m hoping this post does it. If so, could we bring peace unto the planet.


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Premiere of Plan Sea - Saturday 29.02.2020 • Digital Nomad

Premiere of Plan Sea – Saturday 29.02.2020 • Digital Nomad

This Saturday February 29 we’re very pleased to current the premiere of System Sea, dwell to air from This Is It in Arambol, Goa.

The location is fitting as much crafting from Program Sea and long lasting connections have arrive from This Is It around the past two-as well as many years.

The Prepare Sea Premiere consists of a radio / Melbourne DJ takeover from 2-6pm community time.

Approach SEA – Series PREMIERE
29.02.2020 (Leap Year)
@ This Is It, Arambol Seaside
2-6pm – India
Silent workshop for writing and creative imagination
Dwell tunes from 7pm soon after Premiere

Are living to Air throughout the world

0930-130 – Berlin
1130-330 – Moscow
1930-2330 – Melbourne

Jedgie (AU)
Sea Pilot (NZ/CAN/United kingdom)

Music Which include
Bonobo * David August * Apparat * Ludovico Einaudi * Rone * Maribou State * Caribou * Lifeless Can Dance * Kollektiv Turmstrasse * Concealed Orchestra * Strangers on a Airplane * 4 Tet * Aisha Devi * Agnes Obel * Christian Loffler * Sun Moon Sea as well as more…

Far more facts listed here:

Guide information:

This is It:

Considerably writing in Prepare Sea took area from This Is It, Arambol, Goa

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The Mountains of Zakopane • Poland • Digital Nomad

The Mountains of Zakopane • Poland • Digital Nomad

In the center of the 7 days, 4 of us headed to the Polish mountainside city of Zakopane.

Zakopane on the map

At the foot of the Tatra mountain variety, and two hours south from Krakow, Zakopane is deemed the “wintertime money of Poland“. When well-liked calendar year round, the town’s inhabitants is a little less than 30,000 persons.

With close by ski and snowboard slopes, the city is property to a lot of of the affluent, from Poland, Russia and other neighbouring Slavic international locations. There are fantastic dining establishments, retailers, lodging, and street meals stalls.

Higher winds prevented the jogging of cable cars and trucks, so we took a minibus to the prime. Celebrating a friend’s birthday, we relished a warm honey wine on the city part at the top of the hill.

On the way down, we slipped and slid down moist soil and rocks, by means of a forest, more than a bridge, and then down the grassy financial institutions. Lunch at a lovely restaurant, with warm honey beer, and then a wander as a result of town.

Nomads in search of a chilled environment with extraordinary views, in an abundance of alpine nature, ought to take into consideration a take a look at.

Photographs from Zakopane

The Mountains of Zakopane • Poland • Digital Nomad
Time for the slippery descent to Zakopane
A forest on a mountain in Zakopane
As a result of a thick forest, down the mountain
The final stretch down the mountain
Halfway down, and approximately in town
In the centre of Zakopane
In close proximity to the centre of Zakopane

Classical Sounds, Inspired Activities

The night time immediately after the inspiring Zakopane adventure, we discovered composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi.

In great spirits, performing at innovative approaches to environment troubles, we listened to DJ Pholl’s Undesirable Ass: Violin, Cello etcetera playlist on Deezer. The series from Einaudi is especially breathtaking.

Although he will look in an forthcoming function, here’s a person of his masterpieces for now. If you like and/or regard classical orchestral, take pleasure in the beauty and confident complexity of Ludovico’s Primavera.

Strategy Sea E-book Development

Plan Sea - The Book
Strategy Sea, The E book

In the previous 7 days was a momentous action in the evolution of the Program Sea guide.

Immediately after not too long ago concluding the written narrative, this upcoming period is the initial significant spherical of enhancing, and preparing the e-book for publishing.

The approach involves copying just about every of the chapters and sections of the reserve from my authentic OpenOffice file, and pasting them into more compact textual content data files. Every section has its personal textual content file, allowing for extra certain editing, without the need of the litter of size, and distraction of formatting.

Then, the textual content information are imported into a program like Adobe InDesign, formed by the master types. Wonderful tuning and remaining edits from there.

With this progress, it is on the lookout like the enhancing really should be entire by the year’s stop. A couple of months sprucing the layout design. Off to the printers, completely ready for February.

Unofficially, I’m concentrating on a February 28/March 1 launch of Strategy Sea, around wherever February 29 would be. This could imply we launch in Goa, India. Some form of globe “tour” afterward.

Progress, constrained version hardcover copies will be readily available quickly, and you will acquire the two your duplicate and an e-Reserve variation before any one else. I seriously hope you like it.

Pay a visit to for updates and details.

This is It, Arambol
1 of my major producing places in Arambol, Goa

The 7 days Forward

A weekend of imaginative perform, and then Hallowe’en will come to Krakow. We’re searching at examining out Forklog’s Hallowe’en bash on Wednesday the 31st.

If not, we are bunked in, and working really hard. On anything from rolling out Nomadic.Cloud, updating Mom.Domains,, a travel services for electronic nomads, and The Truf. Additional to occur on all of these soon.

Subsequent Krakow Digital Nomads meetup coming as effectively, very likely the 7 days right after, destined for the excellent MAK cafe. We’ll organise it before long.

Have a wonderful, productive, uplifting time, continue to be inspired, and keep plugging absent. Points could not be considerably much more wonderful below.


Through the forests and mountains of Zakopane
Through the forests and mountains of Zakopane

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Masia One - Far East Empress • Music • Digital Nomad

Masia One – Far East Empress • Music • Digital Nomad

The Masia 1 and Only

This week on DigitalNomad.Web site we profile reggae queen of Asia, Masia A person, with her to start with new album in 4 many years: Significantly East Empress.

In latest months we featured other gifted international pals – Thumpermonkey (British isles) and Strangers on a Aircraft (Canada), and this week we introduce extensive-time confidante, Masia 1.

About Masia 1

Far East Empress by Masia One
Masia A single

Masia One particular is actually worldwide. The assured and acclaimed artist was born in Singapore, produced as a individual and performer in Canada, and took her profession to the subsequent level in the United states.

In recent decades, Masia returned to her roots in Singapore, paying time in Taiwan and somewhere else throughout Asia.

Efficiency credits in in excess of 20 nations consist of Laneway Pageant, Extremely Audio Japan, and opening for the legendary Lauryn Hill at Singjazz. She has labored with sector giants, this kind of as Talib Kweli, Pharrell, John Frusciante and RZA.

Not constrained to songs, Masia, a budding entrepreneur, engages in a extensive variety of assignments, from the arts, social results in, even an future South East Asian-created Jamaican-design and style jerk sauce!

The New Album: Significantly East Empress

Masia One - Far East Empress

Masia One’s new album, Significantly East Empress, strike the streets close of Oct 2018.

8 tracks comprise Much East Empress, together with opening song, Time Wastin’. She collaborates with other artists, such as XXXSSSS Tokyo, Kjah, Lawalah Familia, Bayu Tomback and Magugu, on fifty percent of the album.

Masia blends a blissful blend of old and new influences, these kinds of as the typical hip hop grooves on Kampong Boogie conference pulsating sub bass.

Closer to her signature, chilled reggae design can be uncovered on tracks like Fantastic, Oh Na Na, and Selah.

Straight up hip hop bangers include things like uplifting Flowers Increase and Check out Yo Amounts.

Considerably East Empress concludes with atmospheric piano grooves below an upbeat bass line on Fyah, leaving a flavor of additional to come.

Much East Empress is available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, and extra.

Music Video clips from Masia One

Masia A single opens for Lauryn Hill

Masia 1 – Time Wastin’ at?v=_b8QMVJVQjs

Masia One – Warriors Tongue at?v=6tumCFSV6HY

Masia 1 – Oh Na Na!

For a lot more on Masia A single and Considerably East Empress

Masia One – Formal Web site

Instagram web page for Masia 1

Masia One on Facebook

Soundcloud web site for Masia One

Masia One’s approaching tour of Far East Empress will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

Masia One and Only - Far East Empress

Supply backlink

Travel Leads The Heart Home • New Zealand • Digital Nomad

Travel Leads The Heart Home • New Zealand • Digital Nomad

Strolling by means of a forest in Krakow

Midway through an anticipated 6 months tenure in the silent Krakow suburb of Zielonki, potential potential customers are starting to be clearer.

On standard, deeper reflection, my heart and head are guiding me in a specific way. The prolonged time period plan is organically evolving, with no forcing nearly anything.

Vacation ideas for 2019 are getting form. Two months, generally company, again in India, my second 10-day Vipassana silent meditation, and a few months in Sri Lanka for a friend’s marriage ceremony.

At this stage, I’m not sure what follows. It could certainly be any place.

After that…

All Signals are Pointing to New Zealand

New Zealand - not such a bad life

A close confidante and fellow disruptor not too long ago inspired me to check out New Zealand faster than later on, and “see what they’ve been up to”. There are several individual explanations and function alternatives that would adequately served in NZ, including 50 % my loved ones.

Editing and fine tuning my System Sea book has been a useful physical exercise. I now see the goal of this total 12 months and a 50 percent journey, reflected on with emotions in my heart, backed by the frequent thoughtfulness of my head, top to coming frontiers.

With no real feeling of residence, and no place to go, all over the place is an selection. Lately savoring my flavor of settled down everyday living in a loving property, impressed by extensive-bubbling inspiration driving latest creations, I’m prepared to move in direction of far more of that.

Jacinda Arden, New Zealand Prime Minister
Jacinda Arden, New Zealand Prime Minister

1 place I’ve in no way lived is New Zealand – my father’s region. I expended 12 a long time in mother’s Canada, Melbourne for a different dozen, and grew up in Singapore – 15 several years.

With Brexit looming, and escalating, uncomfortable suitable-vs-left hostilities in Europe, I really don’t assume the United kingdom – my birthplace – or Europe are practical, beyond summer visits. Very little interest in North The united states by any means.

New Zealand is remote – one particular of the disadvantages for a frequent traveler, but also a gain for a tranquil everyday living. However near to lively Asia-Pacific capitals. NZ is gorgeous, risk-free, tranquil, humble. I’m impressed with the way of the new government, led by the dynamic, progressive, Jacinda Ardern.

Having the gradual way close to the earth to get there, but, around the change of 2020, I expect to be in New Zealand. A slow creating up of roots, an eventual home of my incredibly own, one particular to grow for the relaxation of my life.

In the scenario of a possible social apocalypse, New Zealand is just about the safest location on the planet.

Initiative Q is a mainstream revenue plan

The Initiative Q Scam - with some big backers
Is Initiative Q a scam? Funds is a Scam.

The week was highlighted by the publishing of my initially short article on Medium.

Enraged by the pyramid scheme marketing and advertising campaign of a faraway foreseeable future payment procedure and hundreds of thousands of gullible blind followers, I composed a exclusive characteristic, “Is Initiative Q a Rip-off? Dollars is a Scam”.

The piece documents my prolonged-held apathy in direction of the con of the wider dollars earth, though breaking down Initiative Q’s dodgy promises, which consist of enriching each individual subscriber with all over $100,000 in a couple decades.

When you dig further, you will see Q’s impetus is as a result of discrediting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The hypocrisy is in Q’s implies of working with cryptocurrency and reserving ERC-20.

Blockchain know-how was created as a reaction to central controls, which include corrupt establishments these as governments, financial institutions and many corporations.

We don’t will need a marginally more improved version of PayPal – society requirements a total new mentality, not governed by patriarchy or hindered by income. The Initiative Q plan post touches this in depth. Lower transaction charges are not the point.

The damaged dollars earth and the patriarchal quest for electrical power will be the root result in of any social collapse – a little something that is coming in the following year or two. Initiative Q is a irritating but strong instance of how minimal we have fallen.

As a internet marketing gimmick, it is excellent.

Start the Day with Good News

Positive News at Positive.News

Each and every and each individual day, the first web site I check out is Favourable Information.

This mainly feminine workforce, of journalists and editors, appears at the positives in the globe and the information, a refreshing break from the majority of information and facts we’re battered with.

I put up a great deal of it on GASHE, to aid harmony out some of the significantly less pleasant experiences from around the earth men and women have to be knowledgeable of. Aspect of the responsibility of consciousness is sharing what you know, or go on to query what is happening.

If you nonetheless will need to just take a split from it all, I extremely suggest Vipassana meditation. It’s everyday living changing.

Future Krakow Digital Nomads Meetup: Wednesday November 7

Krakow Digital Nomads

The third of our every month Krakow Digital Nomads meetups is scheduled for Wednesday November 7 at the exceptional MAK cafe.

MAK is nomad-helpful, with heaps of electrical power retailers, stable wifi, and a delicious, very affordable menu. Coconut milk for coffee is normally an encouraging signal!

It all kicks off from 5pm, great and chilled, and people can head out following if they so drive.

More particulars on the 3rd Krakow Electronic Nomads meetup here…

This Week’s Songs Feature: Masia A single

Masia One - Far East Empress

This past thirty day period has been filled with proficient global artist buddies promoting new releases. We’re not long ago profiled Thumpermonkey and Strangers on a Aircraft, in the wake of the new albums – from some of my oldest friends in the globe.

This 7 days, we aspect fellow Singaporean-Canadian Masia, who I to start with met in Toronto in the mid 00’s. We have considering that reconnected quite a few occasions in Singapore, and I’m a major lover of her spirit and vibe.

Masia A person, normally referred to as the “Reggae Queen of South East Asia“, blends Jamaican inspiration and Asian life style with hip hop beats and rapped sentimentality. 8 tracks comprise her new album, Significantly East Empress.

Examine the article on Masia One’s Significantly East Empress here…

Masia A person opens for Lauryn Hill

Plan Sea Guide Update

Plan Sea - The Book

Previously this week, I despatched out the 1st-at any time publication to the (little) Plan Sea book mailing record. I up-to-date subscribers with a gist of the complete vacation that started in June 2017.

I also unveiled the probable official launch date: February 28 or March 1, 2019. We’ll probably be in Goa, India.

This is like a pseudo-February 29 – the date I introduced my initial e book in 1996, and Mother.Domains (formally) much more not long ago in 2016. I come across something enticingly magical about this day.

If you want an progress copy of System Sea, the page will be readily available in the subsequent couple of months. We’ll have a minimal version hardcover version, paperbacks, and e-Books. All pre-orders will acquire their copies before every person else, and an exceptional, progress e-Book if preferred. Possibly even some preview chapters ?

A lot more information:

That’s all for the week, when new adventures loom

One more silent week forward below in Krakow, highlighted by the upcoming Krakow Digital Nomads satisfy up, and a TEDx communicate on the scorching topic of air air pollution in Poland.

Just after that, lifestyle will get exciting once again. We head on a week-extended highway trip to Cologne and Berlin. Catching up and brainstorming with aged pals, then a David August live performance. Quite possibly Maribou Point out.

Not considerably time remaining in 2018, meaning a few of more tranquil and productive months, prior to lifetime receives crazy yet again. It could extremely effectively be insane till landing in New Zealand.

Appears to be like like a little something significant to announce in the next week or two.

Appreciate your weekend ?

Our typical Saturday breakfast in Krakow
Our standard Saturday breakfast in Krakow

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Ludovico Einaudi's Modern Classical Sounds • Digital Nomad

Ludovico Einaudi’s Modern Classical Sounds • Digital Nomad

Ludovico Einaudi, carrying out stay for KCRW

We are huge supporters of present day classical tunes, notably when orchestras mix and mingle with progressive, inventive electronica, this kind of as by David August, Frieder Nagel, or Marc Romboy.

This week, we spotlight the genius of modern-day classical pianist and composer, Ludovico Einaudi. It’s often a wonderful satisfaction to find out unbelievable new songs, whichever the genre, supply or again catalogue. His songs has develop into a typical backdrop in our working day to working day performing existence, most of which, of late, has been deeply constructive and profound.

There is a little something so conveniently poignant and purposeful in every single note of Einaudi’s expressive operate. Most outside the house classical and globe music circles may not have read about him, but Ludovico Einaudi is a person of the best composers of our time.

About Ludovico Einaudi

About Ludovico Einaudi

While Ludovico Einaudi, a pianist, started his career as a classical composer, he has broadened his horizons into a lot of, unrelated genres and worldly types of music.

Born in Turin, Italy, Einaudi properly trained at the Milan Conservatorio as a pianist and composer, and honed his craft with the perfectly highly regarded Luciano Berio.

His function is nicely identified for composing quite a few films’ soundtracks, like Acquario, his Oscar-nominated Fuori del mondo, Health care provider Zhivago, and Luce Dei Miei Occhi. Einaudi’s music also features in videos this sort of as Black Swan, Insidious, The Intouchables, and This is England.

As Einaudi’s encounter matured, his experimenting with different models helped bridge classical new music with synthesized sounds, these kinds of as on Nightbook (2009). This is a one particular trace that Einaudi’s perform is an asteroid for electronica producers in search of to dig further for inspiration and samples.

Einaudi’s worldwide track record is perfectly regarded, touring close to the planet, and routinely refreshing contemporary classical sounds with new strategies and inspirations.

Notable Albums by Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi Modern Classical Sounds

Ludovico Einaudi’s stellar function dates again to 1988, with Time Out. This commenced a monumental career spanning a few decades of standard recordings, soundtracks and total album releases.

Divenire (2013) could possibly be his greatest work. Uno begins proceedings beautifully, in advance of the sublime title monitor. Other standouts involve Monday and the decided solution and intellectual tumble down of Andare, but the highlight ought to be the epic Primavera. There is a colossal collision of expressive, alternating violins at its peak, holding a electrical power and tension in tunes I have not earlier encountered.

Features (2015) is a person of Einaudi’s most modern is effective, with constant large excellent parts. I delight in Night time and Fall in distinct. There is a 2016 Aspects (The Remixes) album, with DJ mixes of Fall, Features and Evening.

New music Video clips from Ludovico Einaudi

Below is a assortment of some of the best of Ludovico Einaudi’s work. A few single keep track of picks, and then extra prolonged playlists. There are hours far more that you can find out.

The vintage Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi at?v=1FMemV9o-Fg

Ludovico Einaudi – Andare

Existence by Ludovico Einaudi out?v=k9NM-yK1C2I

Ludovico Einaudi – Evening

Reside effectiveness of Nightbook by Ludovico Einaudi

Mose edit of Ludovico Einaudi’s Time Lapse

The entire, remarkable, Divenire album

Much more on Ludovico Einaudi

Formal Ludovico Einaudi web-site –

Ludovico Einaudi on Facebook

Ludovido Einaudi YouTube Playlist

Are living dates – Ludovico Einaudi performs in Milan in December.

Perhaps Ludovico Einaudi might make an suitable composer for one particular potential iteration of Sunshine Moon Sea, if not a Boiler Space. Or equally.

Ludovico Einaudi live in Teheran
Ludovico Einaudi stay in Teheran

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