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Top Packing Essentials for a Freelancer’s Holiday

Top Packing Essentials for a Freelancer's Holiday

Contrary to popular belief, freelancers are known to be workaholics — often out of necessity. After all, Forbes points out that freelancers don’t get paid days off for rest and relaxation, so holidays technically translate to no work, no pay. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to recharge and unwind when you need to, as we all need a break sometimes. All that’s needed is some careful planning and a bit of saving to fund that holiday. To stay stress-free and make sure your planning is going right, you might want to brush up on your packing knowledge. By doing so, you’ll be able to pack everything you’ll ever need for your perfect holiday getaway. The following packing essentials will help:

Travel packing cubes

Packing cubes

The key to effective packing is organisation, so that all your things will fit in your bag, and be easily accessible. One way you can do that is by using packing cubes. Daydreaming in Paradise explains that packing cubes not only help you organise, but save on space too, as you place your things in designated areas much like a Tetris game. You can, for instance, place toiletries in one cube, your chargers in another cube, and some clothes in several other cubes. Aside from this, using packing cubes also lets you visualise how much space you have left, so you can squeeze in all the things you need where possible.

Toiletry kit

Republic World recommends that you make a list of essential things you use on a daily basis, like your facial wash, night cream, and lotion, for instance. These daily use essentials are often packed in what is known as a toiletry kit, whose contents also include all your toiletries, or the personal hygiene products you often use. This container should be big enough to carry all the things you regularly use for good grooming, but not too big that it takes up too much space in your bag. It should also be made of material that makes cleaning liquid easy, as shampoo, facial wash, and lotion can spill during travel.

Packing cats in backpacks

Just enough clothes

In our ‘Packing Light for a Month in India’ post, DigitalNomad editor/author Sea Ansley narrated how he packed fewer clothes for his month-long business-plus-leisure trip to India. He even claims that if you have enough clothes for 7–10 days, you’ll be good to go for an even longer trip. Now, that’s entirely possible. But having said that, it would be better to err on the side of caution here. Meaning, pack enough clothes which you think will last you the entire trip. Account for possible delays, too, as well as the possibility of extending your holiday for a day or two.

Travel first aid kit
Health kit

Health should be of prime concern even when you’re on a holiday. That means you must not forget to pack a health or first aid kit. The post ‘How to Pack a First Aid Kit for Extended International Travel’ advises that you pack your prescription medicines first, and that you make sure they’ll last the entire time you are away. In packing this kit, consider how inconvenient it would be to be looking for a pharmacy just as you want to get some R&R. As such, make sure you bring along basic medications to treat bum stomachs, headaches, fever, allergies, and cold. It is also recommended that you pack insect repellents and topical creams.

For other top packing essentials for freelancers, keep visiting DigitalNomad.Blog. Thank you to Jane Wexler for her contribution.

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New music from ANIMISM – AGONDA

This introduces my latest official release by Animism – Agonda. Digital nomads may have our day jobs and usual expertise, but many of us pursue side passions in our spare time. For me, a freelancer for 20+ years, I’ve recently started migrating my life from web work towards full immersion in conscious arts and music projects.

The past few months I’ve been holed up during lockdown in paradise: Agonda, south Goa, India. With little much to do than work, or swim in the pristine ocean (before monsoon), I had a lot of extra time to learn and practice music.

Agonda Beach, Goa


AGONDA came about from experimentation with organic-inspired Pangea Instruments in Reason 11 from Reason Studios. Soon I had the opening lines and various “Blocks” of compatible ideas, that I was able to easily arrange into a more lengthy piece. This was the first time I used Reason Blocks to experimenting with arranging a song, and now it’s becoming a habit.

While it was nearly wrapped up within weeks (compared to the months it’s previously taken me for new songs), upon referencing the song on a JBL speaker, the bass was overwhelming, yet lacking. Furthermore, the drums continued to irk me, needing countless hours of tweaking. I stripped the whole thing down, adding a more intricate, upright bassline, and chipped away at meddling muddy frequencies with various EQ techniques. Furthermore, I practiced everything from multi-band compression (discarding attempts in the end), and my first real tests of impressive Soundtoys plugins (especially Decapitator and Crystallizer). They complemented my growing arsenal of Waves plugins, particularly H-Reverb and R-Bass.

Practicing sampling techniques, I sampled actual beach and ocean sounds, as well as barks of beach dogs, from nearby Agonda Beach. The result is another adventurous and hopeful piece: happy in places, determined in others, with dark elements lurking beneath the brighter surface.

Lockdown in Agonda has been paradoxically bi-polar: plenty of introspective ups and downs; making the most of the time I’ve been afforded to spend on my true passions, while extraordinarily frustrated about the (prison) state of the world. Now this experience is immortalised in this ANIMISM production of AGONDA. I hope you enjoy.

ANIMISM a.k.a. Sea

Beach dogs of Agonda, Goa
Beach dogs of Agonda – two are sampled in ANIMISM – AGONDA


ANIMISM on Bandcamp

ANIMISM on Soundcloud


2021 is shaping up to be HUGE for ANIMISM. This winter, starting from the end of October, we’ll start recording and producing a full-length album. Then, we’re branching out to perform live, in three formats that will grow over the years to come: Solo/Live, a full band (Guitar/Keys, Violin, Bass, Drums, guest Flute, live 3D projections), and a miniature orchestra.


Introducing Animism – Magical (Preview)

Sun Moon Sea – Arising and Passing (music produced by Animism)

Next track: another Sun Moon Sea / ANIMISM collaboration, coming June 25 2020. Stay tuned!

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Nomadic Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency • Digital Nomad

Nomadic Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency • Digital Nomad

A 2-minute introduction to blockchain

More than a few a long time back I began crafting a seemingly a must have introduction to Bitcoin. This was on the cusp of the very first mainstream crypto breakout, that built several millionaires and accelerated the impetus of blockchain’s assure to improve a lot of of society’s ills.

My creating challenge was that cryptocurrency and blockchain are not basic ideas. Each individual time I tried out to condense specifics, figures and suggestions into bite-sized website parts, they reworked into marathon, above-elaborate and difficult essays. At the time, I regularly plummeted far more deeply into the rabbit gap of blockchain by itself.

Flash ahead to the current, and Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have not just trapped all-around: they’ve thrived and begun to experienced. Various governments have acknowledged and adopted them as lawful currencies, and many existing-working day authorities methods are operating productively on blockchains. A great number of major financial institutions and financial commitment teams have poured billions of dollars into Bitcoin. The gist: Bitcoin and crypto are legit and becoming component of everyday existence.

Now I have 3+ many years of working experience, which include classes from earlier problems (like temporarily recommending crypto incentive-based mostly Steemit) and a wealth of intuition. I’ve encouraged various pals, numerous of whom have made a fortune. In bits and pieces, irrespective of my humble nomadic cash flow, I’ve picked my spots to invest in my very own pieces in fractional, little amounts. But – it adds up.

My mission is to retain this introductory post brief, and to offer a preliminary homework assignment for you to embark upon. In the weeks to occur we’ll branch even more into details and additional sophisticated concepts.

At the conclusion of the working day, it is all up to you – it’s your cash, foreseeable future and freedom. All that is below is my impression and viewpoint from what I have realized. Do your most effective to analysis and issue anything, and observe just before you commit as well considerably. Excellent luck!

Much more in-depth history guiding the Bitcoin revolution

An Introduction to Bitcoin – Why Blockchain is Altering the World

The idea of decentralised methods is a immediate affront to the current working day regulate by 3rd bash intermediaries around each and every element of our life. Blockchain’s inherent capabilities will disrupt and switch corrupted social devices as we know them. This involves the manipulated banking and financial devices, governance, health care, insurance coverage, gambling, copyright and additional.

As an alternative of trusting shady and/or faceless third events to control our money and details, decentralised systems are run off highly developed arithmetic – exclusively, cryptography. When the regulations of blockchains are programmed, they are locked and generally set in stone. That’s why, by looking at the code, you can review the procedures as they are really hard-programmed, and then concur/consent to progress, or not.

Several blockchains have absolutely nothing to do with cryptocurrency. These really hard-coded policies are usually referred to as Wise Contracts. As immutable agreements they inherently have the opportunity to change highly-priced attorneys or pointless insurance plan – as legislation and phrases can be programmed into purchases and agreements. For occasion, buying/offering a piece of land or a auto, all the regulations of the transaction can be coded into a sensible agreement, with a protection guarantee designed in to the agreement.

Envision ride sharing apps without the need of Uber, that right, securely liaise drivers and travellers. Or lodging rental suiting house owners and renters, without the need of Airbnb’s ridiculous service fees. By chopping out the middlemen it removes a layer of manipulation and corruption, whilst providing maximal value for both of those potential buyers and sellers.

Picture everyone acquiring a blockchain vote in a town or nation election, or about neighborhood difficulties – with no the want for politicians in the center. This is all the long term we’re on the cusp of with blockchain and very similar systems.

How Individuals Make Fortunes off Cryptocurrency

This topic reaches well outside of a fundamental introduction to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Back again in the working day – and even now widespread with new undertakings – projects elevated hard cash and awareness from ICO – First Coin Offerings. Below, blockchain-controlled shares (or tokens) were available at minimum quantities to assist raise vital development resources. Tokens were not automatically a cryptocurrency, but extra like a digital share – and could generally be traded for widespread crypto cash.

Several projects ended up priced as reduced as 1 Satoshi (.00000001 of a Bitcoin), and then with hype (and lots of circumstances of suspicious manipulation), generally just just after start, selling prices could quickly skyrocket dozens or hundreds of periods. Similar jumps had been widespread when extra established jobs had been vetted on inclusion by main exchanges, developing extra opportunity traders. Rates spike – and astute holders who purchased minimally small offered really substantial.

The keys to generating huge returns off small investments had been simple:

  1. Resource promising initiatives run by reputable, knowledgeable teams
  2. Inventory up on low-price tag tokens all through ICOs
  3. Sell speedily when charges spiked up at launch
  4. Inventory up a lot more tokens just before a coin was included to an exchange (generally by continually subsequent the project’s news)
  5. Market swiftly when the token gets listed on the exchange

There were being real hazy lawful thoughts about ICOs, in a time just before mainstream acceptance and any regulation. In addition, most ICOs have been shitty initiatives and worthless cash. People purchased into them hoping for price ranges to skyrocket, then they’d plummet down to Earth and come to be less than worthless. Meanwhile, task founders and early supporters normally turned quickly rich.

In additional modern occasions, the regular ICO has transitioned to the extra accepted STO (Safety Investing Offering), much more for legal compliance. There are many other strategies and ICO choices of buying into new assignments.

Pursuing this preliminary introduction to Bitcoin, we’ll glimpse further into how to much better appraise good quality cash and assignments.

Introduction to Bitcoin - security

Cryptocurrency Protection and Protection

In subsequent months we’ll address common cryptocurrency wallets, which include keys, components wallets and so forth. Every week we’ll combine security and very best practice data with the latest topic.

For today’s introduction to Bitcoin, comprehend a several basic phrases:

Two Element Authentication – TFA need to be a mainstay on any important site, economical support or platform you use on the World wide web. I would not believe in a bank or crypto platform with out it. Usually you have the decision of a non permanent SMS code, but I like applying an app like SAASPASS (iOS) or Google Authenticator. Like just about anything, make guaranteed you notice down the crisis keys. If your laptop or account at any time get hacked, Two Factor Authentication will save the day, and potentially all your money. No person can get in and do nearly anything major without passing 2FA.

A personal crucial is a innovative type of cryptography that will allow a user to obtain his or her cryptocurrency. A non-public essential is an integral part of bitcoin and altcoins, and its protection make up allows to protect a person from theft and unauthorized accessibility to money. (From Investopedia)

Nomadic Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency • Digital Nomad
The maximum stage of SSL protection: EV SSL (Extended Validation) with the confirmed organization name in the URL

SSL-enabled internet sites – This is a minimal padlock, usually environmentally friendly, seen in your browser’s URL beside net addresses. Suffice it to say, by no means logon to any essential web site without the need of this padlock – specially those people of economical or personal-relevant details. Before you logon to any web page, check the padlock – if it is not there, or there’s a warning, HALT. It could not be the legitimate domain, it could possibly be hacked, or there could be a short-term security leak.

Right here is some additional terminology connected to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Nomadic Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency • Digital Nomad

This Week’s Research: Enroll on Reliable Platforms

For this ongoing sequence I’ll be referring to numerous major platforms and solutions. If you have the same applications it will be much easier to stick to together and recognize, whilst also acquiring the identical gains that created me sign up to these destinations in the first position!

Take note that KYCKnow Your Client – is now a typical necessity of most legit exchanges, expert services and platforms. It’s a suffering, but it has to be finished. It’s also much inconvenience to try out to make points perform on a lot less trustworthy expert services with out this – and then all the things is traceable anyway. I’ll share suggestions on anonymity and privateness in long run content – but you however need to have a safe means of obtaining income into and out of crypto.

Binance – We’ll use this for the extra electrical power evaluation of charts and superior-priced purchases than any of the trade platforms or providers. They have entry to vastly much more cash than just about anybody, at the fairest / most exact prices, and the charts/graphs are intricate. Indicator up for Binance here…

Crypto.Com – Sign up, increase some infinitely mounting CRO and we both make $50! This is an genuine crypto VISA card, that pays cashback for buys. I have been subsequent them 3+ a long time and invested in their ICO when they have been Monaco (MCO). Years of development afterwards they gained VISA’s blessing and assistance. This is presently my favorite crypto app, that is compellingly quick to leading up buys with a financial institution/credit history card, with a quick, concise overview of account balances. $50 bonus here… – use code duq6omcaet

BitPanda – A legitimate exchange I however keep as a backup (e.g. if other companies temporarily are unsuccessful, or block playing cards/accounts, and many others). Like almost everything related to computers: Have a backup. Bitpanda provides a clean up, straightforward interface, and tons of choices. Generate €10 from signing up! Indicator up for BitPanda here…

Make your very first trade – Immediately after you’ve profitable enrolled, making use of any of the earlier mentioned platforms you come to feel most comfy with, check out acquiring a tiny portion of Bitcoin. For occasion, $10-100. You will experience the bewilderment of cash disappearing into nowhere, right up until the blockchain calculates your get and drops it in your account. This is a incredibly lower risk way to understand the procedure and get a truly feel for some of its exclusive mannerisms.

Reward – Remaining assignment – For reason of discovering, consider location on your own up with a vintage crypto wallet. This will be an additional backup for you, but you are going to also improved understand the protection fundamentals of cryptocurrency wallets and how you could perhaps eliminate almost everything if careless. No KYC required. My suggested wallet: Don’t worry if this is too confusing for now – we’ll revisit wallets at a later on time.

Wrapping up the Introduction to Bitcoin

I tried, but this was not short at all. Ideally, it was very simple and concise plenty of. If you’re satisfied with this introduction to Bitcoin, and/or make a fortune from my advice, don’t hesitate to follow sending any cryptocurrency of your choice with any nominal donation. Email me on sea at gashe dot com!

Coming shortly – How to observe different cash and projects? What prices are worthy of purchasing at? How to place and spend in sound coins and initiatives? What is The Bounce? Major Bitcoin alternatives? Cryptocurrency gentle/hard wallets and security procedures? Innovative jobs near to fruition? All these and much more to occur, on DigitalNomad.Blog site.

An introduction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

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New Music from ANIMISM - HUMBLING • Digital Nomad

New Music from ANIMISM – HUMBLING • Digital Nomad

We’re very pleased to share the most up-to-date release from downtempo/digital act, ANIMISM – HUMBLING. It’s a unfortunate orchestral-primarily based music that capabilities in different live, recording and movie conditions you are going to at some point listen to somewhere else.

The track was mainly recorded utilizing Spitfire’s Uncover sample pack from the BBC Symphony Orchestra. There is a layered Boris synth from Motive underneath that gels the total music with each other.

“Heartbreak and loss are humbling. Generally ripping out of open up wounds, the splendor in sorrow is that IT Intended Anything. This is for anyone who has liked and dropped, been humbled by ego, and mustered the will to keep on alongside their paths. Influenced by, and grateful for, the journey.”

ANIMISM – HUMBLING – on Soundcloud


Other Audio from ANIMISM

Prior to releasing HUMBLING, ANIMISM made a downtempo journey known as AGONDA, penned from lockdown in Agonda, Goa.


AGONDA by ANIMISM on Soundcloud

You can read through extra about the AGONDA release by ANIMISM here…

ANIMISM Back links

Formal ANIMISM web page – https://animism.dwell

ANIMISM on Bandcamp

ANIMISM on Soundcloud

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Nomadic Guide to Cryptocurrencies • Digital Nomad

Nomadic Guide to Cryptocurrencies • Digital Nomad

Next up past time’s Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, we proudly share our Nomadic Manual to Cryptocurrencies. This lists several of the main and growing blockchain-based mostly jobs, that are, or come about to have, inherent cryptocurrencies.

It’s a very simple post of reference, with backlinks and some historical relevance. As with everything in the crypto entire world, execute your very own thanks diligence in advance of shopping for any crypto. This is only one particular person’s standpoint and suggestions.

Guide to Cryptocurrencies – Mainstays

When I commenced following crypto there was well below a thousand currencies – now there are almost 6000. CoinMarketCap is a handy internet site for searching through charts and background of all recorded crypto.

Bitcoin (BTC) – The granddaddy that kicked it all off, and to which just about every other crypto is compared. Guaranteed, it’s practical to have a good quantity in your collection. It is a potent cryptocurrency and almost nothing else. Bitcoin’s value is developed to frequently increase, by means of “halving” (where new supply of mining is slice in 50 %), and its finite source. But consider the moral queries that lurk below Bitcoin’s area: The broad sum of squandered electricity to mine Bitcoin, and the raising suspect worldwide finance organisations loading up and manipulating its benefit. Investing Bitcoin is getting to be like investing in fossil fuels. Contemplate trading BTC for ETH. Much more data on Bitcoin here…

Ethereum (ETH) – #2 to Bitcoin and, mainly because of its functional programs, is projected by a lot of to turn into A lot more precious than Bitcoin 1 working day. Contrary to Bitcoin – which is basically a cryptocurrency – Ethereum is a platform atop which other blockchain platforms and programs are designed. Far more end users are turning to these applications, that are (incredibly) slowing replacing regular internet applications. Take into account this – ETH is roughly 1/40 of BTC’s selling price appropriate now, but could at some point exceed BTC’s benefit, probably within a several yrs. We’ll share supplemental explanations to load up on Ethereum quickly. Extra details on Ethereum here…

Ripple (XRP) – Ripple is a person of the greatest and most established cryptocurrencies, notably from its early adoption as a system for transferring cash between important banking companies. It’s not a serious blockchain, and its ties to banking institutions are each a constructive and destructive dependent on your perspective about the banking business. More about Ripple here…

Sprint (Sprint) – Inspite of fast dropping down the ranks, Dash Money is one particular of the more established cryptocurrencies. It was originally a fork of Bitcoin that headed in new directions, these as staying a effortless, pretty low price intercontinental cash transfer network. Much more about Sprint here…

Nomadic Guide to Cryptocurrencies • Digital Nomad

The 2nd Tier of Cryptocurrencies

This is a mere handful of hundreds of founded and worthwhile cash.

Tether (USDT) – Remarkably suspect and controversial undertaking, contrasted by being a extremely useful resource in the crypto world. Generally USDT “tethers” itself to the benefit of the US Dollar. This suggests there is a handy digital asset that you can keep track of the USD in opposition to BTC, and trade in and out of. THIS IS NOT AN Financial commitment COIN! Tether’s founders are in severe problems for market place manipulation and are seriously beneath investigation. They created a dodgy pretend financial institution on a Wix website to aid their result in. Beware. If Tether falls, Bitcoin could crash with it.

Bitcoin Funds, Coin, SV, etc – Offshoots and formal forks of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Hard cash obtained notoriety years back when Dollars split from Bitcoin, which means any BTC you had magically produced Income out of thin air – for almost nothing. Sure, crypto is mainly fashionable, digital economic scamming.

Binance Coin (BNB) – A single of the important risers from 1 of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance is a valuable system to join – you can indication up below. Their BNB coin is valuable to minimize overall costs. Coin (CRO) – Very similar to Binance BNB, CRO is the in-household digital asset for (formerly Monaco). They are an accredited crypto VISA card. Their coin is a large, constant riser into the crypto stratosphere, and a practical, quick app. Note that they in some cases promise a lot more than they can basically get absent with (see: initial credit rating cashback promises, MCO giving, etcetera). Sign up listed here for a fantastic bonus – use code duq6omcaet

EOS (EOS) – A blockchain enhancement platform with in excess of $2B in sector worth, and a undertaking funds division. Understand far more about EOS listed here.

Dogecoin (DOGE) – This was a joke project that duplicate/pasted Bitcoin’s code in the early times, and attained cult standing. In the meantime Dogecoin maintains a industry cap of around $400m – demonstrating the absurdity of cryptocurrency. Extra facts on Dogecoin here…

Litecoin (LTC) – Litecoin is an additional “open source P2P currency” that has been about since crypto’s first mainstream breakthrough. There is tiny else significantly innovative or fascinating about it. Additional data on Litecoin here…

Nomadic Guide to Cryptocurrencies • Digital Nomad
DogeCoin (like Doggy Coin) – a valuable joke!

Guidebook to Cryptocurrencies – Intriguing Cryptos and Blockchain Jobs

As a fundamental guideline, if a effectively-backed venture is wholly useful to the future of a far better humanity, it suggests great value. Staying the most up-to-date, flashest coin has minor to no staying electrical power. When you research a job, appraise its heritage, workforce, morals and projected timeline. Do gurus think about the venture legit? What are the possible pitfalls? Any undertaking that can response all of these issues with little hesitation, are truly worth tracking.

HOLO (Sizzling) – Holochain is my favorite extended-running task. It’s a groundbreaking publish-blockchain system excellent to Ethereum in numerous methods. It’s leaner and quicker simply because, instead of international consensus like other blockchains, it is P2P. It does not even involve the Net to transact. It’s a great time to invest in Holo, when they continue to be in Alpha method – the selling price will spike at the forthcoming Beta. In addition, their Holo.Host P2P hosting option has the opportunity to disrupt Dropbox, Google Docs and iCloud – although paying every person for contributing storage room. Much more details on Holochain here…

IOTA is a prolonged-time venture geared all around dispersed ledgers amid World wide web of Factors gadgets. For occasion, harnessing the computing power of intelligent fridges and washing machines. IOTA is centered on Ethereum, that will enormously increase effectiveness and coin worth upon the forthcoming rollout of ETH 2.. Much more details on IOTA here…

DeFi (Decentralised Finance) is a soaring, valuable crypto craze to follow. It’s about financial apps setting up upon blockchains. Several are crafted on Ethereum, which further supports loading up on ETH far more than BTC.

Ability Ledger is about decentralising electricity command and investing in although strengthening low-price renewable ability accessibility. One particular can purchase and market extra electricity. Extra about Power Ledger here..

Monero (XMR) is a personal digital currency. As proof-of-work, it will involve wasteful mining, that could not be an productive system relocating forward. Much more on Monero here..

Cardano (ADA) is yet another proof-of-stake blockchain and steady leading 10 cryptocurrency. Much more data on Cardano here…

Some of these projects (and cash) will slide when additional productive procedures (like Ethereum 2. and Holochain) even more arise. Component of the risk and chance of crypto is figuring out which tasks have legs for the long term. If it’s just a further overhyped coin that is mined and serves no other reason – beware.

Nomadic Guide to Cryptocurrencies • Digital Nomad
Holochain is an infinitely soaring star – will it have the legs to satisfy its assure?

Up coming time…

We hope you savored this week’s Nomadic Guideline to Cryptocurrencies, and have realized one thing new about crypto tasks. If you haven’t still signed up for several websites and expert services, don’t forget to verify our Beginner’s Tutorial to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

In coming episodes we’ll contact on extra superior factors like rate volatility, being familiar with The Bounce, and how to securely retailer your cryptocurrency. We’ll also be describing why it’s a excellent time to load up on Ethereum and Holochain.

As constantly, if you have any thoughts or remarks, remember to deliver them our way!

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How To Remain Financially Safe and Mentally Positive • Digital Nomad

How To Remain Financially Safe and Mentally Positive • Digital Nomad

Missing in all the distraction and furore of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the world-wide economic climate was in rotten condition before, and a big economic crash is on the horizon. There are so numerous elements suggesting a correction that it would be ignorant to believe the earth will all of a sudden come to be a utopia of financial fairness and social equality for all. In reality, the disaster has only (quickly) masked the looming challenges, considerably of which has been stoked by classic human factors of corruption, greed and handle.

Existing Worldwide Economic climate is performed under unfair guidelines

Do you speculate why most people are having difficulties, yet regardless of the disaster the major 1% of the abundant have amassed more trillions of pounds of our cash? The program has been rigged given that the invention of lending and desire. The tremendous-wealthy, banking companies and impressive handle income, plunge markets, and snap up defaulted home and property upon spikes in bankruptcies.

1 of the promoting details of decentralised cryptocurrency is that it will make finance a lot more open up and accountable (see: corrupt politicians misspending tax cash). These systems and projects are by now in area.

This series-in-progress on the forecasted Financial Crash 2021 is for digital nomads, freelancers, creatives, solitary mothers and small enterprise entrepreneurs on lesser budgets to help navigate the coming money storms. In truth, if one particular can flip the way of thinking to see the looming crisis for its opportunities, a single can established by themselves up for existence although becoming insulated from a lot of the working day to working day discomfort. You can check out the electronic nomads commencing information to cryptocurrency here…

Indicators are the most important economic crash in a long time is approaching

If you have contributions, evidence, solutions and feed-back, please ship them by means of this web-site or call editor at digital nomad dot web site.

Who buys stocks (or crypto) at all-time highs?

When shares (and cryptocurrency cash) are at all-time highs, this indicates that for the price ranges to preserve expanding, more people today have to obtain them at these inflated price ranges, and so forth, for men and women to income at their entry rates. People hurrying into new marketplaces – notably the inexperienced and/or psychological – will be obtaining at unprecedented greatest stages, that are normally automatic triggers to sell for bots or savvy traders.

The individuals and establishments buying at ATH (all-time highs) are obviously not adhering to the Obtain Reduced, Offer Large adage that would make for harmless, smart and value-laden investments.

All those placing in thousands of bucks now hoping to journey the Bitcoin or Ethereum wave, will uncover by themselves possessing “lost” a huge chunk of funds when crypto inevitably crashes.

Silver lining: If you purchased at ATH and then crypto crashes, merely keep onto your cash for foreseeable future financial savings. It might take up to 1-2 many years for you to make a return, but do not stress provide and reduce money.

Observation: Crypto is mainstream common at the second, but it’s nevertheless far from complete mainstream adoption, which is when the values will actually skyrocket. As a result, my assistance is be individual suitable now, abide by together, get a really feel for the tide and flow of crypto, and be geared up to pounce when costs plummet. This is around when that jilted traders will decry crypto as a “scam” and “volatile” and so forth. Savvy buyers will splurge at these lessened levels – that should sooner or later touch much less than 50% of what they are proper now.

Coming Matters and Factors

120 yrs background of economics crashes

Lessons from the 2008 Worldwide Economic Disaster – How considerably have we appear?

The tumble of the world-wide cash elite and economic system

Financial loans / Delinquencies will access report degrees, that will fold when stimulus dries up

Inflation, Unemployment and Abundant Fake Funds

Future, Fairer Taxation – inherent by way of electronic currencies and clear transactions

How to reside off cryptocurrency as a digital nomad

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10 Valid Good reasons for an Economic Crash 2021

Forbes: Not a crash, but a lengthy, gradual decline

Funds is a Rip-off

Nomadic Tutorial to Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin starter manual for electronic nomads

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New Music from ANIMISM - TIERFABRIK • Digital Nomad

New Music from ANIMISM – TIERFABRIK • Digital Nomad


TIERFABRIK is the most up-to-date observe manufacturing from ANIMISM. This is the nomadic producer’s first foray into dark warehouse techno, with a cinematic orchestral twist.

As with previous ANIMISM tracks TIERFABRIK is a journey, with a number of moods and a pulsating building of vitality towards quite a few climaxes. TIERFABRIK includes orchestral accompaniment by Sunlight Moon Sea: violins, cellos and horns.

The observe was manufactured and blended all through lockdown in Goa, India, with time put in concerning Agonda and Arambol. ANIMISM principally operates Rationale songs manufacturing software program with plugins from Waves, Soundtoys, Tokyo Dawn Information (TDR) and a lot more.

TIERFABRIK is the 5th observe launch of ANIMISM‘s pre-album preparing in 2020. The next wave of review and observe contains setting up clips and loops for potential dwell shows from Oct 2020.

Understand extra about ANIMISM here…

Abide by ANIMISM on Soundcloud here…



The Tierfabrik audio video is the first exercise Do it yourself tunes video from ANIMISM. There is loads of cow-related imagery, magical mists, reflection and storms.

Are you a budding songs videographer? Make contact with us!


TIERFABRIK is the 5th follow launch from ANIMISM in 2020. The earlier 4 tracks are beneath.



Sunshine MOON SEA – ARISING & PASSING (developed by ANIMISM)

ANIMISM is represented by GASHE (God and She).

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The Plan Sea Book is Released to the World • Digital Nomad

The Plan Sea Book is Released to the World • Digital Nomad

Program Sea, the guide, is released

On Wednesday December 23, the Approach Sea ebook was launched to the globe. The occasion was commemorated at a are living launch occasion in Arambol, Goa, India, from sunset by means of the night.

Prepare Sea is available now on, by means of India on, and internationally on all the major booksellers from January 14, 2021. In this article are some feelings from the author to celebrate this day.

A Message from System Sea author S.E. Ansley

I’d like to warmly thank most people for currently being a portion of the Program Sea journey, whether this is the initially time you’ve read about it, or you have participated in the course of the story.

Crafting a book is an epic enterprise, a person that any aspiring author, imaginative, communicator or deep thinker really should take into account in their lifetimes. There is an intimacy involving words on display and paper, with oneself a indicates of harnessing many sections and powers of our minds. Writing is a medley of deep introversion, where we are alone with ourselves and our thoughts. Nonetheless we should nevertheless locate a implies to converse, irrespective of whether it’s by labouring above a correctly-worded sentence to scribble on a web page, or to articulate much more complex concepts and feelings with the intention of nudging a reader together a route.

Writers inherently need to be equipped to cope and prosper in silence and solitude, for nearly anything fewer can be difficult to development any considerable operate. Interruptions come in the kind of the usual suspects – on the net notifications, social impulses, romantic relationship requirements, and 3rd party demands – while also inner conflict, in which we assume far too significantly, or also hard. Enable by itself the common gamut of human complexities, self-question and mustering enthusiasm. At times we can be grumpy to some others close to: Let us imagine and perform in peace! It is very little personalized.

For Plan Sea, the entirety of the reserve was crafted on the highway, while travelling. For in excess of 3 years I had to summon the day-to-day generate and motivation to chip absent, even if it was scribbling down happenings or thoughts, or sitting for hours in the wake of inspiration or aftershock to ideal seize current occasions. Other than bursts of domestic balance, such as residing in Poland in between highway excursions or world-wide excursions, my properties were being always quick and short-term. I travelled to 20-5 international locations in three several years, and possibly slept on a hundred distinct beds. In some way I mustered the self-discipline to wake up every morning, dedicate the early hrs of my mind to producing, and keep on crafting the Strategy Sea narrative.

Camping in Eastern Poland
Camping in Jap Poland (chapter: The Baltic Excursion, Element I)

Program Sea: The Under no circumstances-ending Story

The tale in no way appeared like it may well conclusion. Even immediately after the vacation strategies guidebook was scrapped in favour of focusing on the additional magical narrative unfolding, there had been numerous doable finales meant above the middle of 2018. There was the smart closing of circles at the Borderland Burning Man festival in Denmark, while there was the thrilling, passionate secret of what could come about immediately after David August’s general performance at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie: Wherever subsequent? Nevertheless, magic (and Magia) unrelentingly unfolded, and I continued to depict occasions from my daily life into the story. This meant I kept writing, even when shut to major earth functions like the bombings in Sri Lanka in April 2019, and by lockdown in the 2nd quarter of this insane 2020. Lockdown seemed a rational ending, not just for the fat of the world disaster and the common uncertainty, but mainly because this e-book experienced lasted extensive adequate.

I used most of 2020 editing Strategy Sea. From February I launched weekly chapters in E book type to a sizeable email audience. In retrospect, these chapters had been a lot more like last drafts, riddled with problems, incessant waffling and traces of harm emotions that I hadn’t been in a position to release by my bodily, mortal existence. Lockdown afforded me the possibility for months of sustained determination and development, raising my enhancing and examining to larger amounts. Even then, there were being quite a few further more layers of self-editing, with assistance from qualified good friends and hobbyist colleagues. I continued to discover, and utilize the lessons to my scrupulous, every day modifying of Approach Sea.

In the finish, I’m informed Prepare Sea is not fantastic: much like me and my existence. There are slight grammatical errors, occasional misplaced apostrophes, questionable comma utilization (supposed for pauses for the duration of extended sentences), and some typos. I consider this is far more actually the raw essence of myself and my journey. So generally, as human beings in today’s fractured present day environment, we attempt for the impossibility of perfection, the endless revision and cleansing-up of this kind of removes blemishes but also slivers of the soul and spirit of authentic will work. It is like how modern day songs has become so digitally precise and robotic, with vocals correctly pitch shifted, still it does not really feel organic or truly human. I hope we can revert extra to raw, true, analog and acoustic techniques of artistry, remembering that computer systems are a device to support us, and not to be programmed to exchange the human spirit.

The Plan Sea Book is Released to the World • Digital Nomad
Khir Ganga in the Himalayas – a purely natural scorching spa reward for hrs of slippery trekking

Love the Journey of Lifetime

Strategy Sea is a journey that I lived through a million times. Beyond adapting to bodily events, I have had to be aware anything, generate, re-create, re-examine and edit lots of dozens of times, betraying my attribute living in the moment. It’s time for me to return to my true existence, unencumbered by replaying the earlier, around and over. I’m not sure I’ll publish a guide like this once again, but I could not be happier with the consequence. To me, viewing and sensation the e-book in bodily kind, the venture is now a achievement. Every thing else is the (vegan) icing or natural and organic cherry on the dessert. As you are going to discover about me, I’m about the journey, and am not a lot motivated by material indicates, other than upon the need to have to survive.

I hope you love Plan Sea. You should really feel absolutely free to access out with any concerns you may well have, regardless of whether it is about the e book, or perhaps a tweak you hope to enact in your personal daily life. For the writers and creatives: look at a composing odyssey of your individual. There is no other introspective journey fairly like it. Love your adventures, and each and every working day along the way.

Many thanks for being a component of Program Sea. Most effective needs in advance in 2021 and beyond.


aka “Sea”

Plan Sea working from Jeju Island

The place TO Discover Plan SEA

Approach Sea official web-site

Approach Sea on (India)

Program Sea on Reedsy

Prepare Sea on Barnes & Noble

System Sea on Instagram

You can also lookup your favourite bookstore to buy copies of System Sea.

For any guide or push-related enquiries for the Approach Sea guide launch, please get hold of

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Plan Sea Book Launch and World Tour • Digital Nomad

Plan Sea Book Launch and World Tour • Digital Nomad

Auroville’s 50th anniversary ceremony – February 28, 2018

We’re thrilled to share the intercontinental start date of the much-expected Approach Sea guide. The journey / memoir / self-assist book will be introduced on December 23 2020, readily available on the internet and at e-book stores around the globe from January. We have previewed Approach Sea more than the earlier number of years whilst it was staying prepared – and found it evolve from a basic handbook of valuable vacation ideas, into an epic odyssey!

The tale is narrated across 3+ a long time of travel adventures and visits 25 countries, such as 5 different visits to India. From slipping off a dashing train, a demise-defying trek by the Himalayas, Sri Lanka for the duration of the bombings, Auroville’s 50th anniversary, 3 Vipassana meditations, 2 Burning Man occasions and a great number of concert events and festivals, Program Sea is an outer experience as a great deal as a deep exploration into the self.

Prepare Sea Guide Start

The festivities begin on Saturday December 19, with a livestream looking through from cat cafe, KittyMasala, in Arambol, Goa. The official launch arrives on Wednesday December 23, with a exclusive night of music and literature at This Is It (North Arambol Seashore), with an exceptional efficiency from Portuguese musician, Amadis. From this date, Prepare Sea will be readily available in India through, and the E-book is accessible specifically from the Plan Sea e book web page.

The worldwide distribution start is set for Thursday January 14. From this day the guide will be produced on the Reedsy book community, as effectively as currently being made accessible on significant and unbiased suppliers, this sort of as Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, Amazon and so forth.

Wednesday December 23 at THIS IS IT, Arambol

Plan Sea Book Launch

Prepare Sea is launched at THIS IS IT (north Arambol Seaside, Goa) on Wednesday December 23. The night capabilities a exclusive are living functionality by London-dependent Portuguese musician, AMADIS.

Free entry, evening meal and drinks available. More facts on the Approach Sea e-book start here…

Prepare Sea AudioBook coming in 2021

For people who were being searching ahead to the vacation recommendations component of Approach Sea (the authentic impetus of the e-book), this significant chunk of creating will become a separate Ebook. This booklet should be out there by the 2nd quarter of 2021.

For audiobook enthusiasts, you’ll be pleased to know that the Program Sea audiobook begins recording in the month ahead. There will be a semi-weekly podcast with chapter episodes across the 1st 3 months of 2021. At the summary of the podcast series, the chapters will be bundled up into a deluxe audiobook, finish with photographic reminiscences.

Further than Plan Sea, Sea’s innovative target begins switching to many lengthy-term musical assignments. The initial is making ready a simple, compact live display for area and world wide performances. Simultaneous to this is beginning to record an album, even though sampling area musicians and industry sounds. The album and a bigger effectiveness accompanied by an orchestra, are on prime by the finish of 2021. There might also be the debut of the Sun Moon Sea peace orchestra about the system of the yr.

If you have any issues associated to the reserve, it’s story, the creator, world wide distribution or job interview opportunities, be sure to call We hope you take pleasure in the Plan Sea adventure as much as we’ve loved living it!

Plan Sea Book Launch and World Tour • Digital Nomad
Highway to Nowhere – the opening of Prepare Sea, the book

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Improving Work Discipline on the Road • Digital Nomad

Improving Work Discipline on the Road • Digital Nomad

Get the job done-Vacation willpower on the road involves combating abundant interruptions

As a longtime digital nomad / remote freelancer I’ve regularly attended to increasing work willpower on the street even though travelling. It is surely tough to balance a comfortable household routine in a town we know, then soar into non-stop journey wherever every little thing is new and a distraction.

In excess of the many years I have diligently tweaked and enhanced my get the job done willpower, countering interruptions and crafting day by day and weekly momentum. I have nurtured a structure and timetable that operates for me on weekdays, while leaving my weekends open up, cost-free and artistic. This has permitted me to proficiently function from shorelines on tropical islands, via dozens of nations around the world and though in transit.

What could get the job done for me will not operate for everyone, but probably this article will assist inspire to make some essential tweaks of your own.

In some cases What We Believe is Ideal… is Counter-intuitive

For several of my 12 years in Melbourne, Australia, I thought I experienced the top schedule. On weekdays I’d wake by 8:30am, get ready breakfast and coffee, then dive on line ahead of 9am. Straight away I’d open up email, to make it sense like work experienced started out, prior to browsing by my typical news sites (BBC, The Guardian) and by means of sports (MLB, fantasy baseball, Manchester United). Then I’d trawl as a result of social media, feeling like I experienced a good tackle on what was taking place among the my mates and the wider environment. Through the class of the early morning I’d attend to my work duties – usually from a listing the evening prior to – though, every time distraction strike – frequent as a programmer – I’d return to social media feeds and fantasy baseball research.

By the night – anywhere from 4-6pm – having content most or all of my responsibilities I’d simply call it a working day and progress to evening plans. If there were none, it was common for me to keep on being on the pc hacking away on personal initiatives or selected shopper operate. There was an extended place of my daily life I’d frequently “work” 9am-midnight, although in retrospect the extensive vast majority of that time was squandered on line for practically nothing.

The instant we open up portals to other people’s energies – e.g. news, athletics, social media – our subconscious overheats and distraction is imminent. We’re plunged into the opinions and stresses of other individuals, regardless of whether its hysterical, polarising view on present affairs, or the drudge of clueless sheep on social media, or the nonsense entire world of professional sporting activities. None of these we have any regulate over – except if we really don’t eat it to commence with. Moreover, no matter what platforms or web sites we repeated, we’re bombarded with promoting, normally targeted to further more distract us from other obligations and scientifically crafted to stoke our thoughts.

Today’s Considerably-Improved Get the job done-Travel Routine

Flash forward to the current and I’ve nurtured a much more productive and calming plan. My regimen calls for considerably fewer time in front of the computer system or absorbing the anxiety, thoughts or advertisements of many others. I can devote much more time in character (I’m in the jungle a 10-minute wander from a seaside) and unquestionably immersing myself way a lot more in my passions.

Now my “work” times are shorter and far more compact, unless of course you include early morning producing or evening songs, which I don’t. To me, producing and new music are what I want to do in my everyday living, so they hardly ever sense like a chore. In addition, this is a regimen that I can easily carry on anyplace I occur to be in the world – even through lockdown.

Anything commences the night time right before. The only practice I’ve carried in excess of from my earlier freelance work profession is producing a task list the night in advance of. When I snooze I place my mobile phone in Airplane Manner to do away with wireless alerts and notifications disrupting my brain or desires. Factoring in slumber cycles I generally wake a very little in advance of 8am, and dive straight into an hour’s Vipassana meditation. Early morning meditation is blissful, in a 50 %-aspiration point out, and whizzes by, although calming the mind for the day ahead.

With my mind refreshed I make breakfast – ordinarily natural and organic muesli with clean fruit and coconut milk – and then plow into my morning’s creating duties. Take note that I stay totally offline through this, to prevent distractions.

After my crafting responsibilities are finish I hook up on the net and start out catching up on messages and email messages. Today there are pleasantly not a whole lot of both. Checking my activity record I jump into consumer operate and other significant tasks, and nail them as early as possible. When inevitable distraction hits, to just take a crack I reference new music publications for classes that stoke my subconscious for afterwards, or exercise. Above the course of the day I check whichever social media I come to feel like, without turning into trapped in timelines, walls or paranoid discussions.

It astounds me that on a frequent basis, by 2 or 3pm, I’m normally carried out all my good do the job for the day. I generally flip my attention into new music, looking at tutorial films to continue on accumulating knowledge for later on apply and experimentation. Most evenings I’ll spend several hours working on songs – composing, arranging, manufacturing. I finish crafting my activity listing for the following working day. If I’m bored and have time to spare I’ll sit one more hour of Vipassana in the evening, and if not, I’ll do this right before mattress for a better sleep. It allows that I presently do not have a girlfriend or significantly of a social existence listed here in Goa!

Really do not Fail to remember the Adaptability in a Freelance Lifestyle

I required to insert this place about leaving ourselves open to partake in unpredicted adventures and magical activities. If we’re as well rigid in our schedule and intensely locked into our imaginary techniques we can skip out on some of the best times of our lives.

For me listed here in Goa final week was good illustration, even although it was an strange 7 days. On Tuesday evening I sat on the beach front late into the night chatting with a new mate, and experienced to rest in a tiny on Wednesday. Nonetheless, I received all my perform accomplished.

On Thursday early morning I attended a weekly team Vipassana meditation session that unexpectedly prolonged from the scheduled hour. Following mutually cooking and consuming breakfast we sat for an added hour – having 5 several hours all up. When I returned household I made absolutely sure I attained all my responsibilities for the day.

On Friday early morning I was invited to check out the vacation pursuits of a local close friend. I went kayaking then rode a fishing boat to a remote island exactly where we picked coconuts from a tree. Afterward I savored tea from a friend’s home. When I returned residence I attended to all my duties before a stop by to a further friend for a haircut.

The typical concept listed here is that, irrespective of no matter what pursuits I participated in, on all 3 situations I received my work done. Certain, I have 2 many years of practical experience and practising self-discipline to stay on top of points. I have acquired that months like this can swiftly convert unproductive if I slide guiding early in the week.

Continue to be versatile but sustain the self-control to achieve what desires to be performed, and delight in the entire positive aspects of top a versatile do the job-vacation existence.

Meditation on a beach - almost perfect

Meditation to Distinct Headspace

There are a several aspects that add to my outstanding headspace and productivity. Meditation is clearly a gain. The smaller sized window of concentrated energy enables me to nail duties in significantly less time, with out interruptions or negative behavior. This permits additional a lot more time for me to pursue my real passions and pursuits.

Of study course, it’s not excellent, and I’m human. Distractions and urges typically do settle in, but even on an “unproductive” day I can drive by to 5pm to diligently finish what truly needs to be performed. Discipline to finish get the job done and fulfil the weekday routine is what retains me on system and plan.

Improving Work Discipline on the Road • Digital Nomad
Several commitments on weekends allows essential, liberating time for the self

Cost-free You on Weekends

Now, the weekends are wholly distinctive. I intentionally make couple of if any ideas, specially on Sunday. I slumber in on weekends, despite the fact that my purely natural human body clock still wakes me all around 8am. On Saturday mornings I’ll attend to remaining creating responsibilities, these as penning this article! For the earlier couple of years it’s been about editing and sharpening my epic travel-experience-self-enable guide, Prepare Sea.

Sundays are important to relaxation and recharge with no worry or obligations. Then, if I truly feel the urge to do everything, I can do it for the reason that I want to – and with no pressure. It is not out of outdoors tension or “having to”. Sundays are normally restful and artistic for me, whilst pushing me to head outside into nature. On Sunday evenings I entire my Monday job checklist, despite the fact that most of this is by now jotted down from Friday.

Then the cycle proceeds. I probably maintain this routine for 48-50 weeks a year. The exceptions arrive about the close-of-yr holiday seasons and whichever 7 days-extensive festivals or street journeys I could have planned. I greatly get pleasure from turning off my cell phone and the Internet and getting a split from it all.

Improving Work Discipline on the Road • Digital Nomad
Do you have the willpower needs to proficiently work though touring?

Are you actually effective? Make small tweaks now

What is effective for me won’t function for everyone else. Certain, perhaps you love your espresso-news-and-social media mornings, but question your self: Are you definitely successful? Does this make you joyful? Our life are about consistent experimentation, so if you experience in a malaise or something’s not sitting down very well, don’t hesitate to blend points up and test out new procedures. Keep hoping right until anything sticks, and be completely ready to tweak and adapt as needed.

Remain tuned to DigitalNomad.Web site for even further perception and adventures.

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